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Ram Lal Shrestha,Founder & Chairman Emeritus
Ram Lal Shrestha
Founder & Chairman Emeritus, besides overseeing the entire Group Activities, also heads the Liaison & Representation Activities of the Group

My firm belief is that the best means to contribute to society is to be sincere, industrious and excel in one’s occupation, and by being considerate towards all people in general and especially compassionate towards one’s fellow compatriots; above all, never forget the basic principle of “Live and Let Live” and always keeping in mind the larger interest of our country.

We are a group company committed to transforming our country and invigorating its economy.

We are a group company with diversified business catering to the diverse sectors and lives across the nation; we are committed to our people and to the nation.

Ram Lal Shrestha, Founder & Chairman Emeritus