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Message from the Executive Chairman

Dinesh Lal Shrestha Executive Chairman, ICTC Pvt. Ltd.
Dinesh Lal Shrestha
Executive Chairman, besides overseeing the entire Group Activities, also heads the Liaison & Representation Activities of the Group

What started out as a humble beginning with a small stationery mart in the year 1975, the ICTC Group is now one of the largest business houses in Nepal with interests in diverse economic sectors.

Widely recognized in the various sectors here in Nepal and abroad, the Group has made its steady growth in the past 45 years (as of 2020) and has successfully set a rock-hard base earning for itself a credible name and position where we stand now.

This is largely due to our commitment in providing quality services to meet the needs of our customers as well as our business partners. With the support and recognition given by our work and business partners, the Group has seen steady and continual growth. As a reflection, we have been certified with ISO 9001:2015 quality management systems. Incidentally, we are the first company in Nepal with ISO QMS certification for “Value Added Representation Services”.

To better serve the business sectors we are in, we herein have not only our experienced management and latest technology but also our dedicated staff, especially their learning and advancement. While focusing on business expansion, we have made it a point to provide our staff with adequate learning and development opportunities. Our priority is to recruit the best people to join our ranks so that we both can together work towards the progress and prosperity of our group and to build an ever-stronger ICTC.

As the future unfolds, I can assure you that ICTC Group is in an excellent position to meet your business along with the needs of the service. In most ways, our success as a business reflects your success as a business partner and a service provider to the country.

We appreciate your trust in us and our services and look forward to serving you for years to come.

Dinesh Lal Shrestha Executive Chairman, ICTC Pvt. Ltd.