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Corporate Social Responsibility

Our CSR Motto “We ensure the well being of all our stakeholders, employees"

Sony Pradhan, Sr. General Manager  HR, CSR Director & Business Ethics Compliance
Sony Pradhan,
Sr. General Manager  HR, CSR Director & Business Ethics Compliance

We believe that long-term sustainability demands that organizations rethink their business goals and objectives from solely focusing on making a profit to corporate citizenship.

Today, the impact of CSR is beginning to be seen in communities throughout the world - from human rights and labor practices to health care and the environment.

All are connected, none is in isolation.

HR leadership plays a critical role - that of leading and educating their firms regarding the importance of CSR while at the same time strategically implementing sound HR management practices that support the company’s business and CSR goals.

CSR Priority

All entities associated with ICTC are actively engaged in activities to help the communities through various means.

Premier Insurance, for example, regularly organizes philanthropic activities such as providing educational items for children and food distribution for senior citizens living at old age homes.

Similarly, Hyatt Regency Kathmandu has also been contributing to the community through the ‘Hyatt Thrive Initiatives’. This includes activities such as annual donations and monthly birthday celebrations for orphaned children at the nonprofit organization- The Buddhist Child’s Home, regular blood donation with Nepal Red Cross Society, organizing a joint volunteering program with Habitat for Humanity to rebuild homes for the 2015 earthquake-affected families. Similarly, Hyatt also has the Youth Career Initiative (YCI) program for providing skills, training, and classroom-based learning to empower children/teenagers living at SOS Children’s Villages Nepal. Besides, the hotel is actively engaged in many other community service programs.

ICTC also takes its CSR earnestly by providing for disaster-affected communities and families through substantial contributions through various NGOs, INGOs, as well as the Prime Minister’s Disaster Relief Fund.

Our distilleries take pride in the conscious efforts of empowering women in various communities through active employment and cultivation of women in all three of our factories - female employees make up the majority of the total factory line-workers in ICTC’s distilleries.