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ICTC Power Pvt. Ltd.

ICTC has worked with World renowned developers, investors, engineering firms, contractors and equipment vendors in the engineering, construction and supply of major HYDRO POWER and ELECTRIC TRANSMISSION, DISTRIBUTION and SUBSTATION PROJECTS in Nepal. This accumulated experience of more than 45 years is now being used to promote the development of HYDRO PROJECTS by the PRIVATE SECTOR. Power projects being developed by ICTC in the private sector are at various stages of development.

Our well-acknowledged services have extended to all major public undertakings and also include Nepal’s first Independent Power Producer (IPP).

With ICTC’s policy to develop small and medium hydro projects with its own resources and to partner with international developers for bigger hydro projects, we believe the years ahead will soon witness ICTC’s discernable accomplishments in this sector.

ICTC has been providing full-fledged services to private-public partnership projects such as 900MW Upper Karnali since their project development stages.

CEMAT Consultant

ICTC can become a local partner for developing big projects. ICTC has a unique and rich experience in providing unparalleled local logistics and value-added services to companies seeking business opportunities and hydro development opportunities in Nepal. We are able to provide all the required levels of services from project identification through engineering and design services to construction management and commissioning.

ICTC is currently exploring a number of new hydropower investment projects ranging from 5MW to 600MW. Developers, investors, joint venture partners, contractors, consultants, equipment suppliers interested in the development of hydropower projects in Nepal are invited to contact us.

Our Typical Services for Hydropower Development/Investment in Nepal

  • Identify prospective Projects for development/investment (Greenfield projects or acquiring of licenses of other developers or a project that belongs to the Government of Nepal including but not limited to the Department of Electricity Development (DoED), Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) and Vidhyut Utpadan Company Limited (VUCL) and its subsidiaries and affiliates and to be developed in Public Private Partnership (PPP) mode.

  • Provide desk study reports or other basic project information where available.

  • Liaise with relevant parties including the Government for exploring projects currently being surveyed by other license holders (including Government Organizations).

  • Provide information on license status of prospective Projects and advise accordingly

  • Keep track of Project Licenses that could be cancelled by the Government so that the developer may decide to reapply before others.

  • Review (including background checks, credibility, availability of infrastructure, PPA status, license status, local issues and other factors) and provide advise on Projects identified by us or the developerI or brought to their attention by third parties / developers.

  • Advice on procedural, legal, strategic, contractual, logistical or any other requirements.

  • Identify potential partners, suppliers, contractors and other professional service providers during any stage of a Project.

  • Advise on strategy to acquire licenses from third parties.

  • Advise on and/or identify potential strategic partners.

  • Provide logistical support for site visits.

  • Provide local consulting services including feasibility, detailed design, environment assessments etc. through a nominated local engineering consulting company that may be required for any local technical manpower or input

  • Assist in the registration and setup of a local corporate entity / Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV), including providing information on legal requirements, liaising with concerned local authorities and departments, assisting in preparation of registration documents, identifying and liaising with relevant agencies, experts and professionals.

  • Assist in identifying experienced agencies / firms / advisors for legal opinion during the entire period of a Project.

  • Assist in identifying credible and experienced professionals for operation of local company / SPV.

  • Assist in providing and obtaining advice as required on operation of local company / SPV as per prevalent local laws and practices.

  • Facilitate resolution of critical issues till award of the Generation License.

  • Assist in arranging meetings with key functionaries of all stakeholders directly or indirectly related to a Project to enable the developer to do a detailed situation assessment, due diligence of a Project, and meet all other related requirements.

  • Attend meetings with the developer and any other agency(ies) as may be required by the developer, to discuss matters pertaining to the scope of services mentioned in this Agreement.

  • Respond to queries/clarifications by the developer on different reports submitted by us and related details anytime till the specific tasks are accomplished.

  • Assist in providing operational/logistic support in Nepal as may be requested by the developer (i.e. booking of hotels transports within Nepal and from Nepal to Overseas, facilitating visa applications, arranging for site visits etc.).

  • Assist in providing periodic information/update on development at the political and the bureaucratic level which can impact development of a Project.

Contact Details

GPO Box: ICTC Power Pvt. Ltd. ICTC Building, House No. 468, Street Hattisar, Kathmandu, Nepal GPO Box 660
Phone: +977 1 4434895 (main), 4434916, 4434638, 4434553
Email: info@ictcenergy.com.np
Website: http://www.ictc.com.np