ICTC Group completes 37 years of fruitful years of business services.



The ICTC Group in 2013 completes 38 fruitful years of business services.When Nepal opened up its doors to the world in the 1950’s, friends and neighbours across borders, continents and oceans slowly became aware of Nepal’s breathtaking beauty and a rich cultural heritage that could be traced back

hundreds of years. Along with this fraternal feeling came the realization that Nepal needs to develop infrastructure like Education, Health, Industry, Trade, Power, etc.

Prakash Stationery Centre ICTC’s beginning
Prakash Stationery Centre
ICTC’s beginning

It was here that the Founder and Honorary Chairman, Ram Lal Shrestha, envisioned the need to introduce foreign technology and equipment to the country in its nascent stage of development and in that process also to seek an opportunity to start a business of representing reputed Foreign Firms to introduce reliable equipment, material and services into the country. Thus started the Representation Business, a business pioneered by him and later developed to its zenith by his sons and family members. Even today the Group continues to grow steadily under the able guidance of the Founder and Honorary Chairman, who now has an accumulated business experience in Nepal of more than 40 years and his sons Dinesh Shrestha and Suresh Shrestha, Executive Chairman and Joint Executive Chairman respectively.

A Humble Beginning

While the Founder Chairman along with other Business Associates continued to consolidate their Representation Business, ICTC Group started off as a fully owned stationery mart in a back street of Kathmandu in 1974. Since the stationery business catered mostly to Government and Semi Government Clients, it greatly helped to establish a public relations base which proved to be a unique leverage in the Representation Business later.

Year 1975 saw the birth of Inter Continental Trading Concern, the initials of which (i.e. ICTC) were retained when ICTC Pvt. Ltd. was later formed.

After a year or two of hard struggle, small businesses started coming in, after which there was no turning back for ICTC in the Representation Business. From one business to another it has grown from strength to strength into one of the most successful Business Houses in Nepal specializing in providing highly professional local Liaison and Techno–Logistic support to foreign firms for major development projects in Nepal.

After outstanding success in the liaison & representation business for foreign companies seeking projects and development in Nepal, ICTC Group has also broadened its base considerably by diversifying into core business areas such as investments in Finance, Insurance, Beverages, Five–Star Hotel Development, Real Estate Services, Consumer Products Marketing, Trading, Construction,Information and Communication Services, Software Development, web-based services, BPO/KPO/Callcenter Services, Managed Services, Engineering & Management Services and Hydropower Development.

Business Sector


The ICTC group has a wide interest in the international representation business, the tourism/leisure industry, finance and insurance, and real estate services.

ICTC Pvt Ltd.International Representation Services
Hyatt Regency Kathmandu Ltd.Tourism / Leisure Industry
Premier Insurance Pvt. Ltd.Finance and Insurance
ICTC Real Estate Pvt Ltd.Real Estate

Engineering & Construction

The ICTC group has a firm presence in the engineering sector namely in civil construction services and engineering consulting services.
ICTC Construction Co. Pvt. Ltd.Infrastructure Construction Activities


The ICTC group has a vast experience in the Nepalese energy sector.

ICTC Energy Pvt. Ltd.Hydropower Development
Upper Solu Hydro Electric Company Pvt. Ltd. – Hydropower Development

Consumer Products

The ICTC group has a strong and longstanding business in liquor business, and a growing presence in the consumer products imports and marketing industry.

Highland Distillery Ltd.Manufacturing (Beverages)
Prime International Pvt. Ltd.Consumer Products Marketing
United Liquors Pvt. Ltd.Manufacturing (Beverages)

Information and Communication Services

The ICTC group has well-established enterprises in the fields of software, callcenter, managed services, internet and network services, and other information systems.

Arhant Solutions Pvt. Ltd.Software Development
Linktree Pvt. Ltd.BPO / KPO / Call Center Services
Infocom Pvt. Ltd.Internet & Network Services
ICTC Communication Pvt. Ltd.Managed Services
Linkplus Pvt. Ltd.Web-based Services
InfoPlus Pvt. Ltd.Imports and Trading




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