Corporate Social Responsibility

ICTC Group of Companies will continue to do its part in whatever way it is possible to facilitate, demonstrate and promote corporate social responsibility (CSR) in the country.

Our CSR Motto
“We ensure the well being of all our stakeholders, employees”

Dija Shrestha , CSR Director
Dija Shrestha ,
CSR Director

We believe that long-term sustainability demands that organizations rethink their business goals and objectives from solely focusing on making a profi t to corporate citizenship. Today, the impact of CSR is beginning to be seen in communities throughout the world – from human rights and labor practices to health care and the environment. All are connected, none is in isolation.HR leadership plays a critical role – that of leading and educating their fi rms regarding the importance of CSR while at the same time strategically implementing sound HR management practices that support the company’s business and CSR goals.

ICTC Group of companies has been implementing CSR activities. Some of the recent ones are:

Prime Ministers Disaster Relief Fund

For the August 2008 Flood Affected People In August 2008, Nepal witnessed a massive fl ooding disaster which breached the barrages, destroyed highways, tracks, agriculture, homes and livelihoods directly affecting more than 30,000 people in Nepal. This was very traumatic for all the affected people in the Eastern and Western Nepal. The ICTC group of companies assisted the Prime Ministers Disaster Relief Fund specially setup to help out the people affected by the fl ood and for rehabilitation and development activities in the affected areas. The ICTC group of companies was one of the biggest contributors to the fund.

SIRC’s (Spinal Injury Rehabilitation Center)

Annual Charity Golf Tournament Nepal’s mountainous terrain aka ‘vertical terrain’ compounded by subsistence living is primarily responsible for the disproportionate number of head and spinal injuries; and dedicated centers and affordability for head and spinal injuries treatment/ rehabilitation are a rarity in Nepal. SIRC (a not for profi t organization) was thus established in April 2002 to help spinal injury patients regain a degree of normalcy through physiotherapy, occupational therapy, counseling and related services. Since 2007, through charity tournaments such as Annual Charity Golf Tournaments, ICTC has been supporting SIRC’s noble efforts to provide free rehabilitation services to patients unable to afford necessary care. The proceeds of assistance are used for strengthening the rehab center.


Nepal 4th National Convention on Students Quality Circle ICTC Group was one of the main sponsors of this National Convention on SQC November 2008. The purpose was to impart the quality concept in education through the media to our future citizens (present school students).

Support to the Blind

ICTC sponsored “Braille Calendar” for the Nepalese Association of the Blind in the year 2007.

Sponsoring Health Camps

Nepal’s poor health services to its citizens are double compounded by poverty and the diffi cult terrain. This necessitates frequent free health camps to the poor people with inaccessibility. ICTC Group has therefore decided to sponsor various health camps as may be possible. ICTC recently sponsored a dental hygiene camp in Easter Nepal.


We sponsor and participate in a lot of events with various causes. DHL – Six a side Corporate Tournament was the highlight of the year (2008) in which we secured the second position amongst 30 contestants (companies). We also hold inter group companies’ tournaments to enhance ties between the group bindings at various levels and between the employees and stakeholders of the affiliate companies.

Future Program

Greening Efforts
Kathmandu is a beautiful old city and we all need to maintain it. We are currently working on a tree plantation program within the city area which will be implemented in early 2013.