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Arhant Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

“Empowering Organisations around the world with cutting edge software solutions”

Arhant Solutions was established with the objective of introducing Nepal’s highly matured IT execution capability to the world. With more than 100 extremely competent manpower, Arhant is well equipped to guide your organization to the forefront of the digital world.


Software Solutions

One of Arhant Solutions’ main strengths lies in the area of Application Development with competencies in both ready-to-use application and product development. Their proven methodologies and processes based on SEI-CMM standards, and state-of-the-art software facility ensures that customers get the best solutions in a cost-effective manner, on time, every time.

IT Consultation Services

Our highly specialized IT Consulting Division provides IT solutions for government, non-government and business organizations. Probably the only organization in Nepal to possesses in-depth knowledge and hands on experience in the area of e-government and MIS

Content Management

cmsArhant Solutions has a department specializing in content development, designing and management. It has successfully completed a project for a UK based college to deploy the educational content on a digital media. The project involved digitization, audio-visual course delivery, animated demonstration, dynamic self testing tools, etc.

Multimedia Solutions

multimediaArhant Solutions carries out specialized multimedia works requiring complex animation and sound effects such as web animation, 3D modeling, gaming software and multi-media web site development.


Some Product Offerings of Arhant Solutions

rajmargRajmarg, a Digital Road Designing Service software covers all aspects of road designing such as: Plan Section, Vertical Section, Cross Section, Earthwork Volume Calculation, General Alignment, Curve Data, Side Drain List, contour mapping, and Walls List. More than 200 copies of this software have been sold and more than 1600 KMs of road designed using the application.

ebazaareBazaar includes all the features required to start an eBusiness venture. Some of the features of eBazaar include: complete subscriber management system, user interface (including payment system), and complete backend management system.

ensureThis is a complete insurance management application. Constructed on robust and scalable design, ensure is running in 12 of the 18 insurance companies in Nepal.

c3C3 (pronounced C Cube), which stands for Communication, Coordination, Collaboration, is web based work collaboration software. This application has built-in email client, discussion forums, issue tracking system, calendar system, personal management, document management system, collaboration tool etc.

yingsWings is a complete web based enterprise level project management software. Developed in Java, Wings has extremely robust design and its user friendly browser based interface makes it extremely user-friendly.

bilwalkerBillWorker 2i, is a fully customizable, web-based customer relations management and billing application. BW2i uses server-side Java technology and Oracle 8i database for robustness, scalability and platform independence.

Arhant Detail

GPO Box: Arhant Solutions
GPO Box 8975, EPC 5684
Thaiba, Lalitpur, Nepal
Voice: +977-1-5528592, 5548923
Email: info@arhant.com
Website: http://www.arhant.com