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Nijgadh Plans

The company is tailored towards developing largescale real estate projects with an aim to deliver pristine, state-of-the-art urban centers and townships that meet the requirements of the everyday modern community.

One of such areas of our interest lies in the Nijghad municipality within Bara District, which is located in the southeastern part of Nepal. With major plans being implemented by the Government of Nepal to build Nepal’s Second International Airport in Nijghad, and construct the 72km ‘Kathmandu-Terai Fast Track Expressway’ connecting Kathmandu to Nijghad in one hour, the growth and development of the area is expected to drastically increase in the near future, and we have strategically positioned ourselves to cater to this growth in the region.

The company has continued to strategically invest in the area for a number of years with the goal to complement the future development of the area. With the goal in mind, the company has prepared an Urban Master Plan that emphasizes the development of Commercial, Residential, Industrial, and Tourism prospects in the area can facilitate the increasing traffic and demand in and around the area. The Master plan incorporates major housing colonies and apartment buildings to service the residential
requirements. Corporate Spaces for Offices, Shopping malls/centers, Restaurants and Cafes, and other leisure complexes will also be built to cater to the commercial demand of the area. Various hotels will also be constructed to facilitate the traffic created by the new second international airport and fast track expressway.

The master plan also envisions state-of-the-art, fully equipped hospitals, and educational facilities. Additionally, the plot will also include natural parks, scenic ponds/lakes, and plenty of green, open spaces for visitors and residents to promote a healthy and peaceful lifestyle. The Development Project will not only cater to residents of the area but is planned to be a destination location to attract visitors from all around the country. With the support of CEMAT Consultants, we have hired the top minds in the industry to help develop and execute this plan and make it a huge success.

Nijgadh plan
Nijgadh Plan
Nijgadh Plan
Nijgadh Plan