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Irrigation and Drainage

real2 Some of our Experience in the Irrigation/Water Resources Sector include *
Consulting Micro Hydel (Irrigation Project-I)Consultancy Services
Consulting Micro Hydel (Irrigation Project-II)Consultancy Services
Consulting Melamchi Water SupplyProject Management Consultancy
Consulting Mechanized Irrigation ProjectProject Preparation
Consulting 6000 MW Pancheswor Multipurpose ProjectDetailed Feasibility Study
Consulting Arjun Khola Agricultural and Irrigation Project
Consulting Babai Irrigation ProjectDetailed Feasibility Study
Consulting Rajapur Irrigation Project
Consulting Phase Two - Mahakali Irrigation Project
Consulting Medium Hill Irrigation Project
Consulting Phase I - Sunsari Morang Irrigation Project
Consulting Sagarmatha Lift Irrigation Project
Consulting MWSDB - Water Treatment PlantDetailed Design and construction supervision
Consulting MWSDB - Water Supply TransmissionDetailed Design and construction supervision
Contract Lift Irrigation Project, Micro Hydel Plants
Contract Sikta Irrigation ProjectHydraulic Steel Structures
Contract Preparation of Irrigation MasterplanMasterplan
Contract Sunsari Morang Irrigation ProjectDredging Machine
* Involvement as local associates of Consultants, Contractors, and Developers real2 real2