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We are

Since 1975, ICTC has been the leader in providing expert and unparalleled value added representation and liaisoning services to foreign principals from across the globe who may be seeking business activities in Nepal.

In need of an advisor, or a liaison/ representative who can provide you with the highest level of value of added services, or a banker, an insurer, or a civil contractor, or hospitality services, Call ICTC.

Browse through our web site for more information about our services, and learn what ICTC can do for you.

Major Strengths

Dominant local position, synergy from domestic and overseas associates, financial strength, in-house expertise on engineering, management and legal matters, strong relationship with major local buyers and various government ministries and semi-governments, domestic financial network, high success rate, etc.

Track Record

ICTC has an illustrious and consistent track record of high success rate over the years.

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The various projects portfolio and their diversity speak for them.


ISO 9001 Certified


ICTC is committed to quality deliverance. Demands for quality in our services and working processes have always been of essence to us. ICTC is proud to be certified with ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System within the areas of Representation and Value Added Liaison Services.

Trace Member

trace-memeber-2PrintWe have also obtained a trac number for Trace that further strengthens our firm belief on providing and adhering to strict code of business porfessionalism.

Our Trac number is 4-12-359-8093-26.